Mr. Hammons is an Attorney and is licensed to practice at the United State Tax Court and the United States Federal District Court and Federal Courts of Appeals.  

Tax Law encompasses the legal rules and procedures that govern how federal, state and local governments calculate the tax you owe.

Tax Laws cover income, corporate, excise, luxury, estate and property taxes, to name just a few. The U.S. Congress and state legislatures are responsible for creating a majority of the tax laws and frequently update or change them. Hodges & Hammons, CPA is expert in the complex and technical field of tax law.

Our Tax Law Services Include:

  • You have a taxable estate, need to make complex estate planning strategies, or need to file an estate tax return
  • Filing of Trust tax returns
  • Legal counsel about the structure and tax treatment of your company
  • You are engaging in international business and need help with contracts, tax treatment, and other legal matters including matters affected by the new Tax Reform rules on repatriation of foreign assets.
  • You plan to seek independent review of your case before the US Tax Court